February 08 2016 0Comment

Mull & Weithman to present at Firehouse Magazine’s 3rd Annual Station Design Conference

Joe Weithman, AIA and B.J. Mull, AIA will be presenting later this year at Firehouse Magazine’s 3rd Annual Station Design Conference in Anaheim, California. Their program, entitled ‘Site Construction Costs’, will last about an hour and  cover the factors that drive up the Site Construction Costs of the typical fire station.  Joe and B.J. will review strategies to mitigate potential pitfalls, as well as to plan accordingly for the expenses, that likely will not be able to be avoided.  The list of topics to be covered include:

  • Site Investigations (Due Diligence) prior to purchasing the site;
    • Phase I ESA
    • Phase II, if required
    • Archaeological
    • Environmental Concerns
    • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Zoning requirements, including setbacks, parking requirements, landscape requirements, screening requirements of dumpsters, head lights, & noise, etc.
  • Existing Easements on the property
  • Neighborhood Association Requirements
  • Architectural Review Board Requirements
  • Essential Facility Requirements – Additional Testing that may help your department avoid additional structural design
    EPA Requirements – Storm water Quantity & Quality
  • Pavement Design – Design appropriately based on Apparatus being utilized, run volume, and existing soil conditions.
  • Existing grading issues – Retaining walls required
  • Flood Plains / Wetlands
  • Free Land! Look out!!!